Miocene Fishes of Southern California

  title={Miocene Fishes of Southern California},
  author={C. Hubbs and L. David},
A Miocene pearleye, Benthalbella praecessor, sp. nov. (Teleostei, Aulopiformes), from Sakhalin Island, Russia: the first known skeletal record for the family Scopelarchidae
Paleoecological considerations suggest that Benthalbella praecessor was a deep-sea fish that inhabited the cold-temperate waters of the northwestern Pacific about 14 Ma, and appears to be closely related to the extant B. dentata. Expand
Cenozoic Fossil Fishes of the Extinct Alepisauroid Family Polymerichthyidae from the Sakhalin Island, Russia
Five incomplete skeletons of fishes of the extinct monotypic family Polymerichthyidae (Aulopiformes: Alepisauroidei) from the Paleogene and Neogene of Sakhalin Island, Russia, are identified asExpand
An Eocene anchovy from Monte Bolca, Italy: The earliest known record for the family Engraulidae
This taxon suggests that the earliest phases of diversification of engrauline anchovies probably occurred in the coastal palaeobiotopes of the western Tethys during Eocene time. Expand
Fossil prowfish, Zaprora koreana, sp. nov. (Pisces, Zaproridae), from the Neogene of South Korea
Zaproridae is represented by a single extant member, Zaprora silenus Jordan, the prowfish (Nelson et al., 2016). This species is broadly distributed in the North Pacific, from the northern Bering SeaExpand
The evolutionary history of the embiotocid surfperch radiation based on genome-wide RAD sequence data.
The results support a scenario where embiotocids first diverged into clades associated with sandy and reef habitats during the middle Miocene with subsequent invasions of novel habitats in the reef associated clade, and northern range expansion in the Northwest Pacific. Expand
A new late neogene genus of roakers (Perciformes, Sciaenidae) from the Eastern Black Sea Region
The roaker species (Sciaenidae) Sciaena impropria Gabelaia, 1976 from the Lower Pliocene (?) of Abkhazia is assigned to a new genus, Carnevalella gen. nov. This genus essentially differs from otherExpand
Lanternfish (Teleostei, Myctophiformes, Myctophidae) Body Fossils from the Modelo Formation (Upper Miocene) of Los Angeles County, California
ABSTRACT Representative fossils of three extant lanternfish (Myctophidae) genera (Bolinichthys, Lampanyctus, and Myctophum) from the collections of Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County wereExpand
New taxonomic synopses and revision of the scombroid fishes (Scombroidei, Perciformes), including billfishes, from the Cenozoic of territories of the former USSR
ABSTRACT: We present an overview of all known fossil scombroid fishes (Scombroidei, Perciformes) of the former USSR, many taxa of which are described in a language other than Russian for the firstExpand
The rise to dominance of lanternfishes (Teleostei: Myctophidae) in the oceanic ecosystems: a paleontological perspective
Abstract. Lanternfishes currently represent one of the dominant groups of mesopelagic fishes in terms of abundance, biomass, and diversity. Their otolith record dominates pelagic sediments below 200Expand