Minor-groove binding drugs: where is the second Hoechst 33258 molecule?

  title={Minor-groove binding drugs: where is the second Hoechst 33258 molecule?},
  author={Louise H Fornander and Lisha Wu and Martin Urs Billeter and Per Lincoln and B. Nelson Norden},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. B},
  volume={117 19},
Hoechst 33258 binds with high affinity into the minor groove of AT-rich sequences of double-helical DNA. Despite extensive studies of this and analogous DNA binding molecules, there still remains uncertainty concerning the interactions when multiple ligand molecules are accommodated within close distance. Albeit not of direct concern for most biomedical applications, which are at low drug concentrations, interaction studies for higher drug binding are important as they can give fundamental… CONTINUE READING

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