Minor- and trace-element zoning in plagioclase: implications for magma chamber processes at Parinacota volcano, northern Chile

  title={Minor- and trace-element zoning in plagioclase: implications for magma chamber processes at Parinacota volcano, northern Chile},
  author={C. Ginibre and G. W{\"o}rner and A. Kronz},
  journal={Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology},
Abstract. Textural and compositional zoning in plagioclase phenocrysts in a sample from Parinacota volcano (Chile) was investigated using backscattered electron images and electron microprobe analysis of major and trace elements. Large (2 mm) oscillatory zoned crystals (type I) with resorption surfaces of moderate An discontinuities (⩽10% An) and decreasing trace-element contents (Sr, Mg, Ti) towards the rim reflect melt differentiation and turbulent convection in the main magma body. Early… Expand
Dynamics of magma supply at Mt. Etna volcano (Southern Italy) as revealed by textural and compositional features of plagioclase phenocrysts.
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Variable parent magmas and recharge regimes of the Parinacota magma system (N. Chile) revealed by Fe, Mg and Sr zoning in plagioclase
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Plagioclase residence times at two island arc volcanoes (Kameni Islands, Santorini, and Soufriere, St. Vincent) determined by Sr diffusion systematics
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A fluid-dynamical model of differentiation and layering in magma chambers
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