Minor and major health: a Nietzschean reading.


This paper aims to discuss the concept of health, understood as multiple and plural. We use Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophical thought as an analytical tool, allowing us to reach a typology involving minor and major health. While the first is normative and sustained by an ideal of healing, the second is an expanding strength, a condition constantly… (More)
DOI: 10.1590/1413-81232017223.18412015


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@article{Biato2017MinorAM, title={Minor and major health: a Nietzschean reading.}, author={Em{\'i}lia Carvalho Leit{\~a}o Biato and Luciano Bedin da Costa and Silas Borges Monteiro}, journal={Ciencia & saude coletiva}, year={2017}, volume={22 3}, pages={965-974} }