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Ministers and Regimes in Spain: From First to Second Restoration, 1874-2001. CES Working Paper, no. 101, 2003

  title={Ministers and Regimes in Spain: From First to Second Restoration, 1874-2001. CES Working Paper, no. 101, 2003},
  author={Juan Jos{\'e} Linz and Miguel Jerez and Susana. Corzo},
This paper studies the composition of the Spanish cabinet elites through different political regimes and transition periods, those regimes including a constitutional monarchy, two democracies, two dictatorships and a people’s Republic. The discontinuity of ministerial elites is the rule, with the relative exception of the two transition periods in the early 1930s and the middle 1970s. The elite in general is fairly heterogeneous, recruited more or less from the whole country and not dominated… Expand

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