Mining sequential patterns by pattern-growth: the PrefixSpan approach

  title={Mining sequential patterns by pattern-growth: the PrefixSpan approach},
  author={Jian Pei and Jiawei Han and Behzad Mortazavi-Asl and Jianyong Wang and Helen Pinto and Qiming Chen and Umeshwar Dayal and Meichun Hsu},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering},
Sequential pattern mining is an important data mining problem with broad applications. However, it is also a difficult problem since the mining may have to generate or examine a combinatorially explosive number of intermediate subsequences. Most of the previously developed sequential pattern mining methods, such as GSP, explore a candidate generation-and-test approach [R. Agrawal et al. (1994)] to reduce the number of candidates to be examined. However, this approach may not be efficient in… CONTINUE READING
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