Mining of Social Media data of University students

  title={Mining of Social Media data of University students},
  author={Archana Singh},
  journal={Education and Information Technologies},
  • Archana Singh
  • Published 1 July 2017
  • Education
  • Education and Information Technologies
The youth power to speak their mind, recommendations and opinions about various issues on social media cannot be ignored. There is a generated by students on social media websites like, facebook, Orkut, twitter etc. This paper focusses on the extraction of knowledge from the data floated by the University students on social websites in different categories. The paper proposed a framework to mine the social media raw data using data mining techniques. The data mining techniques K-means are used… 
A Survey of Finding Trends in Data Mining Techniques for Social Media Analysis
The review discovered that 22 data mining techniques were employed with social media data while frequently used in Artificial Neural Network, Bayesian networks, and Support Vector Machine, K-means Clustering, and Neuro-Fuzzy Logic Approach.
A Survey of Social Media, Big Data, Data Mining, and Analytics
  • J. Oliverio
  • Computer Science
    Journal of Industrial Integration and Management
  • 2018
This paper aims to highlight the current technologies used in Data Mining and Analyzing Social Media data, the industries using this data, as well as the future of this field.
Student Performance Based on Activity Log on Social Network and e-Learning
This study found that dominant students were identified from a high hub score and authority and a free-rider student was found, which provides insights that can be used to improve student collaboration and to enhance online learning activities.
Text Mining and Analytics: A Case Study from News Channels Posts on Facebook
Text mining techniques are applied on three news channels, namely Fox News, CNN, and ABC News, to explore this genre of new media discourse through analyzing news channels online textual data and transforming its quantifiable information into constructive knowledge.
A model, organized around Entity-Relationship paradigm and experts’ knowledge for the problem, is presented and validated on the basis of psychophysiological monitoring amongst two focus groups, which have shown a predisposition to Web 2.0 technological threats by means of manipulative social networking, concerning the users and over trust in some famous social networks.
Analyzing the Arab Gulf Newspapers Using Text Mining Techniques
Results indicated that the financial and health-care issues news in the Arab Gulf region were highly tackled by Alkhaleej (UAE) newspaper and KSA newspapers, is on the top in disseminating issues regarding education.
Understanding students’ behavior in online social networks: a systematic literature review
The use of online social networks (OSNs) has increasingly attracted attention from scholars’ in different disciplines. Recently, student behaviors in online social networks have been extensively
Social Media: People's Salvation or Their Perdition?
An online survey was developed and social media use was analysed by age sectors, focusing on the dependence, habits, the reasons/motivations for people to have these accounts, and how different generations perceive the future of social media.
Beneficios del uso de técnicas de minería de datos para extraer y analizar datos de twitter aplicados en la educación superior: una revisión sistemática de la literatura
In recent years, there has been a growing interest by education actors to include TIC in their institutions; as well as social networks, far from being a problem and their use aimed, permit innovate
Hardware, software, and human in the loop education supported with social network analysis and mining
  • M. Karakose
  • Education
    2016 15th International Conference on Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training (ITHET)
  • 2016
A new conceptual model for improvement of education lifeloop management approach that has a loop that renew with a continuously loops and a structure that includes effects of all factors is proposed.


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E arlier this year, I participated in a college lecture that was both commonplace and radical. As a professional theater critic and reporter, I am often asked to speak to theater, English and
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