Mining Optimized Association Rules for Numeric Attributes

  title={Mining Optimized Association Rules for Numeric Attributes},
  author={Takeshi Fukuda and Yasuhiko Morimoto and Shinichi Morishita and Takeshi Tokuyama},
  journal={J. Comput. Syst. Sci.},
Given a huge database, we address the problem of finding association rules for numeric attributes, such as (Balance c 1) + (CardLoan = yes), which implies that bank customers whose balances fall in a range 1 are likely to use card loan with a probability greater than p. The above rule is interesting only if the range 1 has some special feature with respect to the interrelation between Balance and CardLoan. It is required that the number of customers whose balances are contained in 1 (called the… CONTINUE READING
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