Minimum Phase Response in Digitally Controlled Boost and Flyback Converters

  title={Minimum Phase Response in Digitally Controlled Boost and Flyback Converters},
  author={V. Yousefzadeh and M. Shirazi and D. Maksimovi{\'c}},
  journal={APEC 07 - Twenty-Second Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition},
This paper addresses modeling and control issues related to practical high-frequency digital PWM control of constant-frequency boost, buck-boost and flyback converters. Discrete-time models, including the effects of A/D sampling and delays in the digital control loop, are derived for two cases: output voltage A/D sampling during transistor off time in combination with trailing-edge (TE) DPWM, and A/D sampling during transistor on time in combination with leading-edge (LE) DPWM. We show that off… Expand
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