Minimum Latency Submodular Cover

  title={Minimum Latency Submodular Cover},
  author={Sungjin Im and Viswanath Nagarajan and Ruben van der Zwaan},
We study the Minimum Latency Submodular Cover (MLSC) problem, which consists of a metric (<i>V</i>, <i>d</i>) with source <i>r</i> ∈ <i>V</i> and <i>m</i> monotone submodular functions <i>f</i><sub>1</sub>, <i>f</i><sub>2</sub>, …, <i>f<sub>m</sub></i>: 2<sup><i>V</i></sup> → [0, 1]. The goal is to find a path originating at <i>r</i> that minimizes the total “cover time” of all functions. This generalizes well-studied problems, such as Submodular Ranking [Azar and Gamzu 2011] and the Group… CONTINUE READING