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Minimum Elements Practice Standards HIA

  title={Minimum Elements Practice Standards HIA},
  author={Rajiv Bhatia and Lili Farhang and Jonathan Heller and Murray Lee and Marla R. Orenstein and M. Richardson and Aaron Gh Wernham},
Environmental assessment and health impact assessment
HIA and EA are approaches and processes that support better, healthier, and more sustainable policy development and decisionmaking. When undertaken well, and when valued and applied, they can alsoExpand
A Brief History of Health Impact Assessment in the United States
In recent decades, several factors have contributed to the increasing use of health impact assessment (HIA) in the United States. Initially in California and subsequently in other states, communitiesExpand
Seven Years in the Field of Health Impact Assessment: Taking Stock and Future Directions
The U.S. spends more per person on medical care than any other country, yet we have worse health indicators than many comparable wealthy nations. Research increasingly shows that social, economic,Expand