Minimotif Miner: A Computational Tool to Investigate Protein Function, Disease, and Genetic Diversity

  title={Minimotif Miner: A Computational Tool to Investigate Protein Function, Disease, and Genetic Diversity},
  author={M. Schiller},
  journal={Current Protocols in Protein Science},
  • M. Schiller
  • Published 2007
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Current Protocols in Protein Science
The Minimotif Miner Web site contains information on several hundred short functional motifs in a single database, and allows the user to search protein queries for the presence of these motifs. Scoring based on evolutionary conservation, protein surface prediction, and motif frequency can be used in conjunction with other motif programs and the known biology of the query to reduce false‐positive predictions and select short motifs for experimental pursuit. 
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