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Minimizing Total Tardiness on a Single Machine Using Ant Colony Optimization

  title={Minimizing Total Tardiness on a Single Machine Using Ant Colony Optimization},
  author={Andreas Bauer and Bernd Bullnheimer and Richard F. Hartl and Christine Strauss},
Ant Colony Optimization is a relatively new meta heuristic that has proven its quality and versatility on various combinatorial opti mization problems such as the traveling salesman problem the vehicle routing problem and the job shop scheduling problem The paper in troduces an Ant Colony Optimization approach to solve the problem of determining a job sequence that minimizes the overall tardiness for a given set of jobs to be processed on a single continuously available machine the Single… 

An Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for the Press Shop Scheduling Problem

This paper deals with a real-life two machine scheduling problem for the side frame press shop in a truck manufacturing company. The shop consists of two machines where only the first machine, press

Modified Ant Colony Optimization for Solving Traveling Salesman Problem

The experimental results indicate that the new approach is better than the original one for finding optimal solutions of the (TSP) in less time as compared to results achieved by applying basic idea of ACO algorithm.

An ant colony optimization approach for the parallel machine scheduling problem with outsourcing allowed

Several manufacturing environments can be represented as a set of identical parallel machines. Moreover, some industries uses third-part manufacturing to increase the production capacity for short

A Characteristics Study of Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms for Routing Problems

This research paper will study all ant based optimized routing algorithms to solve routing problems and find the least amount of energy relative to each node.

Electric Vehicle Charging Scheduling Using Ant Colony System

The ant colony optimization (ACO) metaheuristic is applied to coordinate the charging process of the EVs within the charging station by generating efficient schedules and results show that the application of ACO is highly effective and outperforms other approaches.

Ant Colony Optimization for Software Project Scheduling and Staffing with an Event-Based Scheduler

A novel approach with an event-based scheduler (EBS) and an ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm is developed that enables the modeling of resource conflict and task preemption and preserves the flexibility in human resource allocation.

Wind farm reliability optimization using ant colony algorithm under performance and cost constraints

Optimal Allocation of Reliability in Series Parallel Production System

A multi-state system containing n components Ci, which represents the whole of electrical power system (generating units, transformers and electric carrying lines devices), to find the minimal cost configuration of a series-parallel system under availability constraints.

Research on transmission network planning based on improved ant colony algorithm

The improved ant colony algorithm is proved to be superior in transmission network planning by the practical model, and is superior to the traditional method in the convergence speed.



A controlled search simulated annealing method for the single machine weighted tardiness problem

In this paper, a new controlled search simulated annealing method is developed for addressing the single machine weighted tardiness problem. The proposed method is experimentally shown to solve

A Heuristic Algorithm for Sequencing on One Machine to Minimize Total Tardiness

The powerful dominance theorems of Emmons are exploited with a new heuristic procedure, avoiding enumeration of all possible sequences, and this heuristic uses Net Benefit of Relocation (NBR) analysis to determine which job should come last to reduce total tardiness.


It turns out that the new rank based ant system can compete with the other methods in terms of average behavior, and shows even better worst case behavior.

MAX-MIN Ant System and local search for the traveling salesman problem

  • T. StutzleH. Hoos
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of 1997 IEEE International Conference on Evolutionary Computation (ICEC '97)
  • 1997
The results clearly show that MAX-MIN Ant System has the property of effectively guiding the local search heuristics towards promising regions of the search space by generating good initial tours.

Single Machine Tardiness Sequencing Heuristics

A collection of heuristics for the single machine total (weighted) tardiness problem are presented and it is indicated that straightforward interchange methods perform remarkably well.

One-Machine Sequencing to Minimize Certain Functions of Job Tardiness

It proves theorems that establish the relative order in which pairs of jobs are processed in an optimal schedule; frequently they permit the jobs to be completely ordered, thus solving the problem without any searching.

A Branch and Bound Algorithm for the Total Weighted Tardiness Problem

This paper presents a new branch and bound algorithm for the single machine total weighted tardiness problem. It obtains lower bounds using a Lagrangian relaxation approach with subproblems that are

Local Search Heuristics for the Single Machine Total Weighted Tardiness Scheduling Problem

This paper introduces a new binary encoding scheme to represent solutions, together with a heuristic to decode the binary representations into actual sequences, and compares it to the usual "natural" permutation representation for descent, simulated annealing, threshold accepting, tabu search and genetic algorithms on a large set of test problems.

Minimizing Total Tardiness on One Machine is NP-Hard

The problem of minimizing the total tardiness for a set of independent jobs on one machine is considered and is shown to be NP-hard in the ordinary sense.