Minimization of the micromotion of trapped ions with artificial neural networks

  title={Minimization of the micromotion of trapped ions with artificial neural networks},
  author={Yang Liu and Qizhong Lao and Peng-Fei Lu and Xin-xin Rao and Hao Wu and Teng Liu and Kun Wang and Zhao Wang and Ming-shen Li and Feng Zhu and Luo Le},
  journal={Applied Physics Letters},
Minimizing the micromotion of the single trapped ion in a linear Paul trap is a tedious and timingconsuming work, but is of great importance in cooling the ion into the motional ground state as well as maintaining long coherence time, which is crucial for quantum information processing and quantum computation. Here we demonstrate that systematic machine learning based on artificial neural networks can quickly and efficiently find optimal voltage settings for the electrodes using rf-photon… 
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