Minimally invasive thyroidectomy using the Sofferman technique.

  title={Minimally invasive thyroidectomy using the Sofferman technique.},
  author={David James Terris and Andre Bonnett and Christine G Gourin and Edward Chin},
  journal={The Laryngoscope},
  volume={115 6},
OBJECTIVES Access to the thyroid compartment has traditionally been achieved by a Kocher incision followed by subplatysmal flap elevation and strap muscle retraction. A combination of novel access techniques was used to allow for minimally invasive thyroidectomy (MITh). METHODS AND MATERIALS A prospective, nonrandomized evaluation of consecutive patients undergoing thyroidectomy was performed. A minimally invasive incision (< or =6 cm) was used in conjunction with the Sofferman technique… CONTINUE READING


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