Minimally invasive surgery for thyroid small nodules: preliminary report.

  title={Minimally invasive surgery for thyroid small nodules: preliminary report.},
  author={Paolo Miccoli and P. Berti and Massimiliano Conte and Cino Bendinelli and Claudio Marcocci},
  journal={Journal of endocrinological investigation},
  volume={22 11},
Cytological assessment of cold thyroid nodules cannot exclude malignancy in case of follicular tumors. Many follicular nodules undergo surgery although most of them later on prove to be benign. We report a new minimally invasive video-assisted approach (MIVA) for the treatment of thyroid lesions with a diameter minor than 3 cm. Ten females and 2 males (mean age: 37 yr) with a cold thyroid nodule and a cytological diagnosis of microfollicular tumor were selected for MIVA hemythyroidectomy. The… CONTINUE READING


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