Minimal-scan filtered backpropagation algorithms for diffraction tomography.

  title={Minimal-scan filtered backpropagation algorithms for diffraction tomography.},
  author={Xiaochuan Pan and Mark A. Anastasio},
  journal={Journal of the Optical Society of America. A, Optics, image science, and vision},
  volume={16 12},
The filtered backpropagation (FBPP) algorithm, originally developed by Devaney [Ultrason. Imaging 4, 336 (1982)], has been widely used for reconstructing images in diffraction tomography. It is generally known that the FBPP algorithm requires scattered data from a full angular range of 2 pi for exact reconstruction of a generally complex-valued object function. However, we reveal that one needs scattered data only over the angular range 0 < or = phi < or = 3 pi/2 for exact reconstruction of a… CONTINUE READING

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