Minimal sampling requirements for a precise assessment of soft-bottom macrobenthic communities, using AMBI

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Estimating the macrobenthic species richness with an optimized sampling design in the intertidal zone of Changjiang Estuary
It is a challenge in the field sampling to face conflict between the statistical requirements and the logistical constraints when explicitly estimating the macrobenthos species richness in the
Biotic indexes reveal the impact of harbour enlargement on benthic fauna
Environmental effects of enlargement works in Puerto Calero (Lanzarote, Canary Islands) were analysed in the sediments using abiotic variables (total hydrocarbons, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, organic
Functional feeding groups of macrozoobenthos from coastal water off Rushan
The trophic structure of the benthic communities in the coastal waters off Rushan,situated off the southern coast of the Shangdong Peninsula,in the Yellow Sea,was characterized according to a feeding
Using M-AMBI in assessing benthic quality within the Water Framework Directive: some remarks and recommendations.
Effects of organic enrichment on macrofauna community structure: an experimental approach
A reduction in abundance of individuals and species richness was found as between the control and organic-enriched treatments and significant changes in assemblage structure were found, mainly due to the decrease of the sensitive tanaid Apseudes talpa in organically-en enriched treatments.
Comparison of the performances of two biotic indices based on the MacroBen database
The pan-European MacroBen database was used to compare the AZTI Marine Biotic Index (AMBI) and the Benthic Quality Index (BQIES), 2 biotic indices which rely on 2 distinct assess- ments of species


Efficiency Estimates for Various Quadrat Sizes Used in Benthic Sampling
A review of some of the marine littoral ecological literature revealed that area sampling is frequently used to assess biomass and both species densities and associations. The three most common