Minimal rearrangements of Sobolev functions.

  title={Minimal rearrangements of Sobolev functions.},
  author={William P. Ziemer and John Brothers},
  journal={Journal f{\"u}r die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelles Journal)},
  pages={153 - 179}
  • W. Ziemer, J. Brothers
  • Published 1987
  • Mathematics
  • Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelles Journal)
where α (n) is the volume of the unit η-ball in H$ and μ(ί)< oo is the Lebesgue measure of the set Et = {x: u(x)>t}. Note that μ(ι) = \Ε*\ where E* = {x: ii*(x)>f} and |E*| denotes the Lebesgue measure of E*. The purpose of this paper is to show that if μ is absolutely continuous and equality holds in (1), then u is almost every where equal to a translate of u*. We also construct a C°° example which shows that this may not be true if μ is continuous but not absolutely continuous. More generally… 
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In this paper we are concerned with the pointwise behaviour of functions in certain classes of weakly differentiable functions. The ancestor of all modern results dealing with pointwise properties of
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This paper deals with the operation .9R 'of symmetric decreasing rearrangement which maps Wl,p (Rn) to Wi ,p (Rn) . We show that even though it is norm decreasing, .9R is not continuous for n ~ 2.
Concentration-compactness principle for generalized Moser-Trudinger inequalities: characterization of the non-compactness in the radial case
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Moderate deviations for the volume of the Wiener sausage
For a > 0, let Wa(t) be the a-neighbourhood of standard Brownian motion in Rd starting at 0 and observed until time t. It is well-known that ElWa(t)l IKat (t -> oc) for d > 3, with Kea the Newtonian
Existence and symmetry of minimizers for nonconvex radially symmetric variational problems
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Semi-classical results.- The spaces Hmp and Hmp0.- Existence theorems.- Differentiability of weak solutions.- Regularity theorems for the solutions of general elliptic systems and boundary value
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Introduction Chapter 1 Grassmann algebra 1.1 Tensor products 1.2 Graded algebras 1.3 Teh exterior algebra of a vectorspace 1.4 Alternating forms and duality 1.5 Interior multiplications 1.6 Simple
Minima of the Dirichlet norm and Toeplitz operators
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  • 1985
Theory of the integral
Talenti, Best constant in Sobolev inequality, Ann
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  • 1976