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Minimal medullary droplets in DOCA-induced potassium depletion of rats.

  title={Minimal medullary droplets in DOCA-induced potassium depletion of rats.},
  author={K. Sarkar and David Z. Levine},
  journal={Investigative urology},
  volume={15 4},
When potassium depletion is induced in rats administering desoxycorticosterone acetate instead of restricting potassium in the diet, the droplet accumulation in medullary cells is reduced, despite the similar degree and duration of potassium depletion. This finding indicates that the accumulation of droplets is more dependent on the inducing agent than on the severity or duration of potassium depletion. 
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Renal Papillary Cytoplasmic Granularity and Potassium Depletion Induced by Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors in Rats

The results support the hypothesis that RPCG is related to potassium depletion secondary to carbonic anhydrase inhibition and suggest that depletion of renal medullary potassium content is important in the pathogenesis of RPCG as previously suggested by others.

Effects of ureteral ligation on renal medullary lesions of potassium depletion.

It is concluded that mechanical obstruction to urinary flow can dissolve storage droplets in Medullary cells and that the lysis of droplets is made possible by the increase in medullary tissue potassium content.