Minimal endoscopic approach to subperiosteal orbital abscess.

  title={Minimal endoscopic approach to subperiosteal orbital abscess.},
  author={Patrick Froehlich and Seth M. Pransky and Pierre Fontaine and G. Kent Stearns and Alain Morgon},
  journal={Archives of otolaryngology--head & neck surgery},
  volume={123 3},
OBJECTIVE To limit endoscopic abscess drainage to the opening of the ethmoid cells involved, adjacent to the subperiosteal orbital abscess. DESIGN Prospective study. PATIENTS Twenty children with subperiosteal orbital abscess complicating acute sinusitis. INTERVENTION Endoscopic opening of the medial wall of the bulla ethmoidalis and of the lamina papyracea. RESULTS The limited endoscopic approach allowed subperiosteal orbital abscess drainage in all patients with positive clinical… CONTINUE READING

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