Minimal Testcase Generation for Object-Oriented Software with State Charts

  title={Minimal Testcase Generation for Object-Oriented Software with State Charts},
  author={Ranjita Kumari Swain and Prafulla Kumar Behera and Durga Prasad Mohapatra},
  journal={MatSciRN: Process \& Device Modeling (Topic)},
Today statecharts are a de facto standard in industry for modeling system behavior. Test data generation is one of the key issues in software testing. This paper proposes an reduction approach to test data generation for the state-based software testing. In this paper, first state transition graph is derivedfrom state chart diagram. Then, all the required information are extracted from the state chart diagram. Then, test cases are generated. Lastly, a set of test cases are minimized by… 

Automating the test case generation for Object Oriented Systems using Activity Diagrams

The proposed approach is to automate the generation of test scenarios from activity diagram using DFS and BFS method, which reduces the time complexity and also helps in synchronization between various activities.

Coverage criteria for test case generation using UML state chart diagram

The objective of this paper is to propose suitable coverage criteria for test case generation using UML state chart diagram especially in handling loops, including all-states, all-transitions,all-transition-pairs, and all-loop-free-paths coverage.

A Survey on Generation of Test Cases using UML Diagrams

  • P. JainDinesh Soni
  • Computer Science
    2020 International Conference on Emerging Trends in Information Technology and Engineering (ic-ETITE)
  • 2020
This paper represents a survey on several algorithms for producing the test-cases based on UML diagrams and prioritizing them.

A Review on Test Case Generation Methods Using UML Statechart

  • N. HashimY. Dawood
  • Computer Science
    2019 4th International Conference and Workshops on Recent Advances and Innovations in Engineering (ICRAIE)
  • 2019
The results revealed that most of the work in this domain, translated the UML statechart diagram into an intermediate model, and the importance of achieving all-state coverage and all-transaction coverage in conducting coverage criteria was emphasized.

Automatic Test Case Generation from UML State Chart Diagram: A Survey

The aim of this survey is to improve the understanding of UML diagram based testing techniques and classify the various research approaches to their methods.

Coverage Criteria for UML State Chart Diagram in Model-based Testing

A calculation method to achieve a special calculation to determine the coverage percentage of the proposed coverage criteria is presented, which would be beneficial in the area of automatic test case generating for model-based testing and especially in the UML state chart diagram.

A Survey on Test Case Generation Techniques Using UML Diagrams

A survey of various object oriented testing techniques which have been implemented for the generation of test cases, and for prioritizing the generated test cases using uml diagrams is presented.

Test Case Generation Model for UML Diagrams

This paper proposes a model for automatic test case generation from UML diagrams, and states that no model currently exists for mapping the generation procedure.

A Review: Study of Test Case Generation Techniques

Various test case generation methods, test case minimization, selection, and prioritization and evaluation techniques are presented that help the test engineers to schedule and rank the test cases to reduce the total effort, time and the cost.

Back End Development and Unit Test Case Generation for Collaborative Invention Mining

This thesis presents a testing methodology which is used to generate the unit test cases from UML state chart diagram for an industrial application and applies the node coverage minimization technique to generated the test cases so that maximum coverage is achieved.




An effective test sequence generation technique to minimize time, cost and size of tests while maximizing test coverage is introduced and the best effective test generation methods that derive tests from diagrams are determined.

Generating Tests from UML Specifications

A novel technique is presented that adapts pre-defined state-based specification test data generation criteria to generate test cases from UML statecharts to enable highly effective tests to be developed.

Automated-generating test case using UML statechart diagrams

This paper proposes the automatic testing technique, which can automatically generate and select test cases from UML statechart diagrams, and transforms this diagram into intermediate diagram, called Testing Flow Graph (TFG), explicitly identify flows of UMLstatechart diagrams and enhance for testing.

Generating test cases from UML activity diagram based on Gray-box method

This paper proposes an approach to generate test cases directly from UML activity diagram using Gray-box method, where the design is reused to avoid the cost of test model creation.

Automatic generation of test specifications for coverage of system state transitions

Test generation and minimization with "basic" statecharts

This work introduces a novel representation of state-charts which subsumes common features of different state-chart variants and based on this model and well-defined test criteria, efficient algorithms are introduced for generating test case sets.

Test cases generation from UML state diagrams

A set of coverage criteria is proposed based on control and data flow in U ML state diagrams and it is shown how to generate test cases satisfying these criteria from UML state diagrams.

Generating test data from state‐based specifications

This paper presents formal testing criteria for system level testing that are based on formal specifications of the software, which represent a significant opportunity for testing.

Model-Based Testing of Reactive Systems, Advanced Lectures [The volume is the outcome of a research seminar that was held in Schloss Dagstuhl in January 2004]

This chapter discusses Model-Based Testing - A Glossary, which focuses on the development of model-Based Test Case Generation and its applications in I/O-automata Based Testing.

Test-suite reduction for model based tests: effects on test quality and implications for testing

  • M. HeimdahlG. Devaraj
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings. 19th International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, 2004.
  • 2004
The results show that the size of the specification based test-suites can be dramatically reduced and that the fault detection of the reduced test-Suites is adversely affected.