Minimal Separating Sets for Muller Automata

  title={Minimal Separating Sets for Muller Automata},
  author={Helmut Lescow and Jens V{\"o}ge},
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For a Muller automaton only a subset of its states is needed to decide whether a run is accepting or not: The set I the infinitely often visited states can be replaced by the intersection I ∩ W with a fixed set W of states, provided W is large enough to distinguish between accepting and non-accepting loops in the automaton. We call such a subset W a separating set. Whereas the idea was previously introduced by Mc Naughton [McN93], the algorithmic construction of smallest separating sets is not… 

The Automata Theory Package omega

Omega is a growing collection of procedures which at the moment encompasses constructions like: inclusion tests for regular ω-languages, conversion of acceptance conditions, Safra's determinization algorithm, construction of strategies in infinite games.

Bottom-up symbolic control and adaptive systems: Abstraction, planning and learning




Computers and Intractability: A Guide to the Theory of NP-Completeness

The experiences, understandings, and beliefs that guide the professional practices of teacher educators are explored, and the book paints a picture of a profession that offers huge rewards, alongside challenges and frustrations.

Infinite Games Played on Finite Graphs

On the Synthesis of Strategies in Infinite Games

The automata theoretic setting of infinite games (given by “game graphs”), a new construction of winning strategies in finite-state games, and some questions which arise for games over effectively presented infinite graphs are described.

Infinite sequences and finite machines

A regular set is a set of possible state sequences of an inputless, nondeterministic machine that may either terminate in some equilibrium condition, or else the machine may pass from one state to another without ever reaching equ~librium.

On the synthesis of strategies in innnite games

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Innnite sequences on nite machines

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Innnite games played on nite graphs

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