Minimal Oriented Graphs of Diameter 2

  title={Minimal Oriented Graphs of Diameter 2},
  author={Zolt{\'a}n F{\"u}redi and Peter Hor{\'a}k and Chandra M. Pareek and Xuding Zhu},
  journal={Graphs and Combinatorics},
Let f …n† be the minimum number of arcs among oriented graphs of order n and diameter 2. Here it is shown for n > 8 that …1ÿ o…1††n log nU f …n†U n log nÿ …3=2†n. 1. Oriented chromatic number An oriented graph is a digraph without opposite arcs, i.e., every pair of vertices is connected by at most one arc. An oriented colouring of an oriented graph D is a colouring of its vertices so that every colour class is an independent set, moreover for any two colour classes U and V , all the arcs… CONTINUE READING


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