Minimal Model Fusion Rules From 2-Groups

  title={Minimal Model Fusion Rules From 2-Groups},
  author={Fusun Akman and Alex J. Feingold and Michael D. Weiner},
  journal={Letters in Mathematical Physics},
AbstractThe fusion rules for the (p,q)-minimal model representations of the Virasoro algebra are shown to come from the group $$G = \mathbb{Z}_2^{p + q - 5} $$ in the following manner. There is a partition $$G = P_1 \cup \; \cdot \cdot \cdot \; \cup P_N $$ into disjoint subsets and a bijection between $$\{ P_1 ,\;...,\;P_N \} $$ and the sectors $$\{ S_1 ,\;...,\;S_N \} $$ of the (p,q)-minimal model such that the fusion rules $$S_i * \;S_j = \sum\nolimits_k {D(S_i ,S_j ,S_k )S_k… 
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