Minima absolus pour des énergies ferromagnétiques

  title={Minima absolus pour des {\'e}nergies ferromagn{\'e}tiques},
  author={Bernard Dacorogna and Irene Fonseca},
Abstract. We study minimizers of the energy for large ferromagnetic bo dies, namely E(m) := Z ['(m) hhe;mi] dx+ 1 2 ZR3 jhmj2 dx; where the magnetization m : ! R3 is taken with values on the unit sphere S2, ' is the anisotropic energy density, he 2 R3 is the applied external magnetic field and hm : R3 ! R3 is the induced magnetic field satisfying curlhm = 0 anddiv (hm + m ) = 0. SettingZ := f 2 S2 : ( ) = min 2S2 ( )g with ( ) := '( ) hhe; i, it is shown that if either0 is on a face of@ coZ or… CONTINUE READING


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