Miniaturized redox potential probe for in situ environmental monitoring.

  title={Miniaturized redox potential probe for in situ environmental monitoring.},
  author={A N Jang and Jin-Hwan Lee and Prashant R Bhadri and Suresh A Kumar and William D. Timmons and Fred R. Beyette and Ian Papautsky and Paul L. Bishop},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={39 16},
The need for accurate, robust in situ microscale monitoring of oxidation-reduction potentials (ORP) is required for continuous soil pore water quality monitoring. We are developing a suite of self-contained microelectrodes that can be used in the environment, such as at Superfund sites, to monitor ORP in contaminated soils and sediments. This paper presents details on our development of microelectrode sensor arrays for ORP measurements. The electrochemical performance of these ORP electrodes… CONTINUE READING