Miniaturized calorimetry - a new method for real-time biofilm activity analysis.

  title={Miniaturized calorimetry - a new method for real-time biofilm activity analysis.},
  author={Johannes Lerchner and Antje Wolf and Friederike Buchholz and Florian O. R. L. Mertens and Thomas R. Neu and Hauke Harms and Thomas Maskow},
  journal={Journal of microbiological methods},
  volume={74 2-3},
The partial dissipation of Gibbs energy as heat reflects the metabolic dynamic of biofilms in real time and may also allow quantitative conclusions about the chemical composition of the biofilm via Hess' law. Presently, the potential information content of heat is hardly exploited due to the low flexibility, the low throughput and the high price of conventional calorimeters. In order to overcome the limitations of conventional calorimetry a miniaturized calorimeter for biofilm investigations… CONTINUE READING

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