Miniaturization and defocus correction for objective-coupled planar illumination microscopy.

  title={Miniaturization and defocus correction for objective-coupled planar illumination microscopy.},
  author={Diwakar Turaga and Timothy E. Holy},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={33 20},
Recently, a light sheet-based technique called objective-coupled planar illumination (OCPI) microscopy [Holekamp et al., Neuron 57, 661 (2008)] was shown to permit low-phototoxicity, high-speed, three-dimensional fluorescence imaging of extended tissue samples. Here, we introduce two major improvements in OCPI microscopy. First, we miniaturize the objective coupler by using a uniaxial gradient-index lens to produce the light sheet. Second, we demonstrate theoretically and experimentally that… CONTINUE READING
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