Mini-sternotomy for the treatment of aortic valve lesions.

  title={Mini-sternotomy for the treatment of aortic valve lesions.},
  author={Andr{\'e} Roncon Dias and Ricardo Ribeiro Dias and F{\'a}bio Ant{\^o}nio Gaiotto and Jo{\~a}o Samarone Alves de Lima and Fernanda Menezes Cerqueira and Max Grinberg and Rog{\'e}rio Grimaldi Sampaio and P de Lara Lavitola and Nelson Elias and Fl{\'a}vio Tarasoutchi and Luiz Francisco Cardoso and Noedir Ant{\^o}nio Groppo Stolf},
  journal={Arquivos brasileiros de cardiologia},
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OBJECTIVE To compare inverted-L mini-sternotomy performed above the sternal furcula with conventional sternotomy in patients with aortic valve diseases who undergo surgical treatment. METHODS We operated upon 30 patients who had aortic valve lesions that had clinical and hemodynamic findings. All patients underwent inverted-L sternotomy, which extended… CONTINUE READING