Mineralized nodule formation by cultures of human dental pulp-derived fibroblasts.

  title={Mineralized nodule formation by cultures of human dental pulp-derived fibroblasts.},
  author={Yoshio Tsukamoto and Sachiko Fukutani and Tsutomu Shin-ike and Tomoyuki Kubota and Sunao Sato and Yuko Suzuki and Mariko Mori},
  journal={Archives of oral biology},
  volume={37 12},
Pulp fibroblasts were isolated from human deciduous and supernumerary teeth and cultured in vitro. With continued culture in normal tissue-culture medium, six pulp fibroblast strains formed cell nodules after 10-15 days. By electron microscopy the nodules had matrix vesicles, and needle-shaped crystals associated with a dense network of collagen fibrils. The crystalline material exhibited a pattern consistent with hydroxyapatite when nodules were examined by X-ray diffractometry. Furthermore… CONTINUE READING

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