Mineralization of aged atrazine and mecoprop in soil and aquifer chalk.

  title={Mineralization of aged atrazine and mecoprop in soil and aquifer chalk.},
  author={Gunner B. Kristensen and Helle Hjorth Johannesen and Jens Aamand},
  volume={45 6-7},
The effect of ageing on the bioavailability and sorption of the herbicides atrazine and mecoprop was studied in soil and aquifer chalk sampled at an agricultural field near Aalborg, Denmark. The herbicides were incubated in sterile soil or chalk up to 3 months prior to inoculation with 5 x 10(7) cells g(-1) (dry weight) of a mecoprop degrading highly enriched culture (PM) or 1 x 10(9) cells g(-1) (dry weight) of the atrazine degrading Pseudomonas sp. strain ADP. As a measure of the bioavailable… CONTINUE READING

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