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Mineral resources of Vietnam

  title={Mineral resources of Vietnam},
  author={Imrich Ku{\vs}n{\'i}r},
Nerastné suroviny Vietnamu Vietnam je bohatý na nerastné suroviny, ktoré sa nachádzajú prevažne na severe krajiny. Ložiská bauxitov, fosfátov, vzácnych zemín (REE), majú svetový význam. Ale i zásoby celého radu ďalších surovín (ropy, uhlia, zlata, železných rúd, chromitu, cínu, ilmenitu, medi, grafitu, atď.) sú významné, ekonomicky ťažiteľné a ich potenciál je obrovský. Za uvedené nerastné bohatstvo je „zodpovedná“ rozmanitá geologická stavba krajiny. Taktiež i morfológia a klíma (vlhk… 

Gemstones from Vietnam: An Update

GEMS & GEMOLOGY FALL 2012 Vietnam, with an area of 335,000 km 2, occupies the eastern side of the Indochinese peninsula. Most of the country’s northern and central regions are mountainous, reaching

Metals in Sediment Cores from Nine Coastal Lagoons in Central Vietnam

Problem statement: After being dramatically hit by war events, Vietnam is presently experiencing a huge economical and social development. However, very few data, relative to pollution levels and

Contamination of heavy metals in paddy soil in the vicinity of Nui Phao multi-metal mine, North Vietnam

This area was extremely polluted by Cd, severely to moderately–heavily polluted by As and slightly to moderately polluted by other elements such as Cr, Cu, Pb and Zn, and the study area had high potential ecological risk and the carcinogenic risk value was higher than the acceptable value.

General characteristics of rare earth and radioactive elements in Dong Pao deposit, Lai Chau, Vietnam

One of the important rare earth deposits is the Dong Pao localized in Lai Chau province, West-North of Vietnam. Generally, the deposit is composed of two parts, the lower and the upper. The lower

Optical and Luminescence Spectroscopy of Varicolored Gem Spinel from Mogok, Myanmar and Lục Yên, Vietnam

We studied 12 crystal fragments of natural spinel from Mogok, Myanmar and Lục Yên, Vietnam. All samples were crystal fragments of various shapes and sizes and several of them had gemological

A Comparative Study of Different Machine Learning Algorithms in Predicting the Content of Ilmenite in Titanium Placer

In this study, the ilmenite content in beach placer sand was estimated using seven soft computing techniques, namely random forest (RF), artificial neural network (ANN), k-nearest neighbors (kNN),

Application of electromagnetic transient method for Zn–Pb exploration at the Cho Dien–Cho Don District, Bac Can Province, North Vietnam

Effectiveness of transient electromagnetic method (TEM) used for the localization of Pb–Zn ore bodies at the Cho Don deposit, province Bac Can, North Vietnam is appraised based on the modelling

Synthesis of Ordered Mesoporous Carbon from Vietnam Natural Kaolin Clay for Supercapacitor Application

In nature, kaolin clay is referred to a readily available cheap source of silicon and used in various fields such as the paper, ceramic, paint, plastic, rubber, and cracking catalyst industries. This



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