Mineral concentration of natural human teeth by a commercial micro-CT.

  title={Mineral concentration of natural human teeth by a commercial micro-CT.},
  author={Tatiana Nogueira Rocha Clementino-Luedemann and K. -H. Kunzelmann},
  journal={Dental materials journal},
  volume={25 1},
This study aimed to evaluate a commercial micro-CT system (microCT 20) for quantitative analysis of mineral concentration in human enamel and dentin using different methodologies, and thereby compare the obtained results with established data from published literature. A micro-CT device set at 50 kVp (160 microA) was used to scan five whole molars (G1) and five molars ground to 6-mm thickness (G2), as well as evaluate the mineral concentration of the samples. Mean mineral contents for enamel… CONTINUE READING

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