Mineral Highlights from the Bancroft Area, Ontario, Canada

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Ontario, Canada For more than one hundred years, mineral specimens from the Bancroft area, Ontario, Canada, have been added to collections around the world, gracing the display cases of museums and private collectors. Descriptions and photographs of these minerals are often featured in North American mineral literature, and spectacular specimens have been recovered. Some of these are important finds of world-class specimens for the species. Although the days of commercial mining in the Bancroft… 
A Silicocarbonatitic Melt and Spinel-Bearing Dunite of Crustal Origin at the Parker Phlogopite Mine, Notre-Dame-du-Laus, Quebec, Canada
The Parker phlogopite mine, located near Notre-Dame-du-Laus, Quebec, 74 km north of Ottawa, is well known among mineral collectors for its centimetric euhedral crystals of black spinel. Among the
The Crystallinity of Apatite in Contact with Metamict Pyrochlore from the Silver Crater Mine, ON, Canada
The purpose of this work is to evaluate the long-term effects of radiation on the structure of naturally occurring apatite in the hope of assessing its potential for use as a solid nuclear waste form


Calcite Vein-Dikes of the Grenville Geological Province Ontario, Canada
C vein-dikes in the Grenville Geological Province have been the source of fabulous mineral specimens for more than one hundred years. Calcite vein-dikes, which are composed of a high percentage of
Minerals of the Grenville Province—New York, Ontario, and Québec by George W. Robinson, Jeffrey Chiarenzelli, Michael Bainbridge, and T. Scott Ercit. Schiffer Publishing, 4880 Lower Valley Rd., Atglen, PA 19310; www.schifferbooks.com. 208 pages; 2019; $34.99 plus shipping and handling (softbound).
Minerals of the Grenville Province is a rather ambitious undertaking, considering the breadth of geological environments and their accompanying mineral localities incorporated in the Grenville Prov...
Ferri-fluoro-katophorite from Bear Lake diggings, Bancroft area, Ontario, Canada: a new species of amphibole, ideally Na(NaCa)(Mg4Fe3+)(Si7Al)O22F2
Abstract Ferri-fluoro-katophorite is the second species characterised involving the rootname katophorite in the sodium–calcium subgroup of the amphibole supergroup. The mineral and its name were
“lyndochite” is a minor chemical variety of euxenite-(Y), a conclusion reinforced by modern anecdotal and scientific evidence.
Rocks and minerals for the collector Ottawa to North Bay, Ontario; Hull to Waltham, Quebec
Classification and nomenclature of the pyrochlore group
Classic mineral localities in Ontario and Quebec
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