Mine Pump Comprehensive Performance Testing System Based on Labview


The pump is one of the key equipments for the safety production of coal mine. It bears the important task to discharge all the underground water. However, the performance efficiency of the water pump will be declined, in the long run. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety production, users should check and test the pump performance regularly ,to test if every target pump has live up to the “Coal Mine Safety Regulations”. The ultimate goal in finding the fault in time, eliminating hidden dangers, reducing accidents,and saving maintenance costs can be attained.Virtual instrument is the production of modern computer and instrument technology combined in-depth, and is an important technology of computer-assisted testing area. The core idea is "software replacing hardware". The paper introduces the virtual instrument technology into the field of pump performance testing, and designs the mine pump comprehensive performance testing system based on Labview. The system takes software development environment—LabVIEW as platform and based on personal computer, and realizes the function that pump’s import and export of water pressure, flow, speed, power, and other signals measured in real-time and dynamic displayed. It uses the polynomial fitting module of LabVIEW to fit the performance curve,and shows the performance curve by the waveform display. At the same time,it uses the Web Publishing Tool of LabVIEW to release the testing interface to the internet,and realizes its network communication function. Compared with traditional instruments,the pump performance testing system which based on Virtual instrument run stably, have strongly data analytical and processing functions, beautiful interface, easy operation, strongly visual function, highly testing precision.

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