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Mind the Gap Commercialization, Livelihoods and Wealth Disparity in Pastoralist Areas of Ethiopia

  title={Mind the Gap Commercialization, Livelihoods and Wealth Disparity in Pastoralist Areas of Ethiopia},
  author={Yacob Aklilu and Andrew Catley}
Commercialising Pastoralist Livestock Systems in East Africa
Across East Africa’s vast rangelands, pastoralist livestock systems have been commercialising since the early 1900s. Commercialisation has varied widely within and between areas, but now includesExpand
Sugar industrialization and distress selling of livestock among the Bodi pastoralists in Ethiopia’s lower Omo valley
This article, based on long-term fieldwork, argues that the Bodi, a small agro-pastoral community in Ethiopia’s lower Omo Valley, are experiencing distress selling of livestock and are undergoingExpand
The Evolving Interface Between Pastoralism and Uncertainty: Reflecting on Cases from Three Continents
This paper explores how pastoral systems have changed over time, drawing on six cases from across the world that are the focus of the PASTRES research programme: southern Tunisia, Sardinians inExpand
The Role of Community Cooperative Institutions in Building Rural–Urban Linkages Under Urbanization of Pastoral Regions in China
In contrast to agricultural settings, the process of urbanization in the pastoral regions of China are largely driven by long-term influences of ecological conservation and the provision of socialExpand
Africa on the Move: Migration, Translocal Livelihoods and Rural Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Africa is immensely influenced by the spatial movement of its population. Africa on the Move, however, is not about “African refugees” nor African migration to Europe. It is about much largerExpand
Evolving livestock sector
Chapter 5, “Evolving Livestock Sector,†shows that livestock is important in Ethiopia’s agricultural economy as almost all farmers own some livestock. Overall livestock output is shown to haveExpand
Newly evolving pastoral and post-pastoral rangelands of Eastern Africa
The state of what is known regarding directions of livelihood change in the rangelands of Eastern Africa is reviewed, drawing on case studies of structural change in five settings in the region, for efforts to reduce poverty and vulnerability in these places. Expand


Pastoralists' Conceptions of Poverty: An Analysis of Traditional and Conventional Indicators from Borana, Ethiopia
Summary We examine the traditional wealth ranking system of Borana pastoralists in Ethiopia. We investigate the proximity of conventional poverty indicators to the traditional rankings, revealing theExpand
Impact of rangeland degradation on the pastoral production systems, livelihoods and perceptions of the Somali pastoralists in Eastern Ethiopia
Arid and semi-arid rangelands that serve as the resource basis for the livestock production system known as the pastoral production system in Ethiopia are under enormous threat. These rangelandsExpand
Impact Assessment of a Community-based Animal Health Project in Dollo Ado and Dollo Bay Districts, Southern Ethiopia
Assessment of a community-based animal health worker (CAHW) project in two remote pastoralist districts of Ethiopia showed significant reductions in disease impact for diseases handled byCAHWs compared with diseases not handled by CAHWs and specific types of positive impact attributed to CAHW activities were increases in milk, meat, income and draught power. Expand
Arini, Mustika. 2007. Racism in “To Kill A Mockingbird” Novel: Genetic Structuralism Approach. Unpublished: Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta. Blake, Nelson Manfred. 1972. A History of AmericanExpand
Pastoral dropout study in selected woredas of Borana zone, Oromia regional state Vulnerable Livelihoods in Somali Region Institute for Development Studies The Sanusi of Cyrenaica
  • Ethiopia. IDS Research Report Brighton Evans‐Pritchard, E.E
  • 1949
39 See Catley and Iyasu (2010) for more information on the renting of pack camels by Issa pastoralists in Shinile
  • 39 See Catley and Iyasu (2010) for more information on the renting of pack camels by Issa pastoralists in Shinile