Mind in Action.

  title={Mind in Action.},
  author={Alasdair Macintyre and Am{\'e}lie Oksenberg Rorty},
Introduction: Understanding Civil Courage in International Migration
To broaden civil solidarity, agents of civil repair are bound to breach the horizon of cultural expectations that, within a civil community, codes certain social groups as excluded. On the otherExpand
Are Animals Persons? Why Ask?
Abstract:This article reflects upon the increasingly popular claim that animals are persons. Such a claim can take a metaphysical, a moral, or a legal meaning. Animals may or may not be persons, butExpand
Respect as a Moral Response to Workplace Incivility
With the rise of incivility in organizational settings, coupled with an increase in discriminatory behavior around the world, we explain how these concerns have merged to become a pervasive workplaceExpand
Choosing to Be Ethical
People often “go with the flow,” emulating other people’s behaviors in how they go about completing their work or assigned tasks. In many instances, we put very little thought or conscious effortExpand
Virtuous leadership – insights for the 21st century
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explain the importance of virtuous leadership and identify six characteristics that are necessary for the modern leader to be effective in an increasinglyExpand
Environmental sustainability decision‐making: clearing a path to change
If people expect organizations to care for the natural environment, leaders in public affairs need to better understand how and why firms move to engage in sustainable enterprise. We broach thisExpand
Reflections: On the Lost Specification of ‘Change’
The notion of ‘change’ has become pervasive in contemporary organizational discourse. On the one hand, change is represented as an organizational imperative that increasingly appears to trump allExpand