Mind, bind, and ecology: A review of Gregory Bateson's collected essays

  title={Mind, bind, and ecology: A review of Gregory Bateson's collected essays},
  author={Lawrence B. Slobodkin},
  journal={Human Ecology},
Gregory Bateson has one of the most exciting minds in the social and biological sciences. Those who have been touched by it, either through the literature or in person, are significantly altered. He has a talent for finding a reversal of normal approaches to a problem which can sometimes be both shockflag and exciting. His 1963 paper on evolutionary theory has been a major influence on my own thinking for the last 10 years. Curiously and significantly, the papers that I have written under the… 
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On the “New Ecology” Paradigm

thropologists employed those concepts. I do not think that "exploitation" and "surplus" have these three properties. Finally, I disagree utterly with Dunn on the subjective aspect of exploitation, on


Is looking at warfare in an ecological perspective likely to lead to generalizations of broad scope and applicability, either about warfare itself or about the dynamics of social and ecological

New Directions in Ecology and Ecological Anthropology

In this essay we consider four criticisms of ecological anthropology: its overemphasis on energy, its inability to explain cultural phenomena, its preoccupation with static equilibria, and its lack