Min-domain retroactive ordering for Asynchronous Backtracking

  title={Min-domain retroactive ordering for Asynchronous Backtracking},
  author={Roie Zivan and Moshe Zazone and Amnon Meisels},
Ordering heuristics are a powerful tool in CSP search algorithms. Among the most successful ordering heuristics are heuristics which enforce a fail first strategy by using the Min-domain property (Haralick and Elliott, Artif Intel 14:263–313, 1980; Bessiere and Regin, Mac and combined heuristics: two reasons to forsake FC (and CBJ?) on hard problems. In Proc. CP 96, pp. 61–75, Cambridge, MA, 1996; Smith and Grant, Trying harder to fail first. In European Conference on Artificial Intelligence… CONTINUE READING