Min-Wise Independent Permutations (Extended Abstract)

  title={Min-Wise Independent Permutations (Extended Abstract)},
  author={Andrei Z. Broder and Moses Charikar and Alan M. Frieze and Michael Mitzenmacher},
We define and study the notion of min-wise independent families of permutations. We say that F ⊆ Sn is min-wise independent if for any set X ⊆ [n] and any x ∈ X , when π is chosen at random in F we have Pr ( min{π(X)} = π(x) ) = 1 |X | . In other words we require that all the elements of any fixed set X have an equal chance to become the minimum element of the image of X under π. Our research was motivated by the fact that such a family (under some relaxations) is essential to the algorithm… CONTINUE READING
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