Mimicry and the Evolution of Animal Communication

  title={Mimicry and the Evolution of Animal Communication},
  author={Wolfgang Wickler},
Agency, Meaning, Perception and Mimicry: Perspectives from the Process of Life and Third Way of Evolution
The concept of biological mimicry is viewed as a ‘process of life’ theory rather than a ‘process of change’ theory—regardless of the historical interest and heuristic value of the subject for the
Mimicry in coral reef fish: how accurate is this deception in terms of color and luminance?
The majority of mimics closely resembled models in terms of color and luminance from a nonsubjective perspective, but fish that have potentially trichromatic visual systems with ultraviolet sensitivity had a much better capacity to discriminate between models and mimics compared with fish with midrange sensitivity or dichromatic (2 cone photoreceptors) fish.
Cultural diversity and wisdom of crowds are mutually beneficial and evolutionarily stable
An evolutionary model solving the paradox of why would anyone engage in individual information seeking is proposed, finding that under some conditions, both social learning’s higher accuracy and the taste for original opinions are evolutionarily-stable, within a mutually beneficial division of labour-like equilibrium.
Frontiers in Cichlid Research: A History of Scientific Advancement
  • M. McConnell
  • Biology
    The Behavior, Ecology and Evolution of Cichlid Fishes
  • 2021
Perception-driven dynamics of mimicry based on attractor field model
This work formalizes this model in terms of predators' perception space deformation using numerical simulations and argues that the probability of confusion between similar species creates pressure on the perception space, which in turn leads to inflation of regions of perception space with high density of species representations.
Embryo Selection and Mate Choice: Can 'Honest Signals' Be Trusted?
When a measure becomes a target, it often ceases to be a good measure - an effect familiar from the declining usefulness of standardized testing in schools. This economic principle also applies to
Structural colors with angle-insensitive optical properties generated by Morpho-inspired 2PP structures
This paper describes how two-photon polymerization was used to generate biomimetic nanostructures with angle-insensitive coloration inspired by the blue butterflies of Morpho. Less angle dependence
Why does individual learning endure when crowds are wiser?
The ability to learn from others (social learning) is often deemed a cause of human species success. But if social learning is indeed more efficient (whether less costly or more accurate) than
Behavioural syndromes as a link between ecology and mate choice: a field study in a reef fish population
This case study illustrates how behavioural syndromes may form a link between ecologically relevant behavioural traits and mate choice, suggesting that they might play an underappreciated role in the early stages of speciation.
Biomimetic structural coloration with tunable degree of angle-independence generated by two-photon polymerization
A successful realization of photonic systems with characteristics of the Morpho butterfly coloration is reported using two-photon polymerization. Submicron structure features have been fabricated


‘Egg-dummies’ as Natural Releasers in Mouth-breeding Cichlids
The function of so-called ‘anal ocelli’ of African mouth-breeding cichlids, the males of which bear very conspicuously yellow or orange spots near the base of the anal fin, has been elucidated.
Evolution after Darwin
A Review of the Labrid Fish Genus Labroides, with Descriptions of Two New Species and Notes on Ecology
Underwater observations of all of the species have revealed the unusual food habit of removal of ectoparasites from other fishes, which is discussed for each species in the accounts following taxonomic considerations.
"Typical Intensity" and Its Relation To the Problem of Ritualisation
[Lorsque une reponse agit comme un agent de communication sociale, il est avantageux qu'elle possede une forme constante. Cette constance eloigne l'ambiguite des signaux et, dans beaucoup de cas,
Some Experiments On the Camouflage of Stick Caterpillars1)
Experiments were made to find out whether caterpillars of Ennomos alniaria, Biston strataria and B. hirtaria are protected from Jays and Chaffinches by their resemblance to sticks, and all steps in its evolution will have had a considerable selective advantage.