Milnor-Moore Categories and Monadic Decomposition

  title={Milnor-Moore Categories and Monadic Decomposition},
  author={Alessandro Ardizzoni and Claudia Menini},
  journal={arXiv: Category Theory},

Monadic vs Adjoint Decomposition

Milnor-Moore theorems for bialgebras in characteristic zero

. Over fields of characteristic zero, we construct equivalences between certain categories of bialgebras which are generated by grouplikes and generalized primitives, and certain categories of

Restricted Lie Algebras via Monadic Decomposition

We give a description of the category of restricted Lie algebras over a field 𝕜$\Bbbk $ of prime characteristic by means of monadic decomposition of the functor that computes the 𝕜$\Bbbk $-vector

BiHom-associative algebras, BiHom-Lie algebras and BiHom-bialgebras

A BiHom-associative algebra is a (nonassociative) algebra A endowed with two commuting multiplicative linear maps α,β : A → A such that α(a)(bc) = (ab)β(c), for all a,b,c ∈ A. This concept arose in

Liftable pairs of functors and initial objects

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Heavily separable functors

Liftable pairs of adjoint monoidal functors and pre-rigidity

Let $\mathcal{A}$ and $\mathcal{B}$ be monoidal categories and let $(L:\mathcal{B}\rightarrow \mathcal{A},R:\mathcal{A}\rightarrow \mathcal{B})$ be a pair of adjoint functors. Supposing that $R$ is



Monoidal Hom–Hopf Algebras

Hom-structures (Lie algebras, algebras, coalgebras, Hopf algebras) have been investigated in the literature recently. We study Hom-structures from the point of view of monoidal categories; in

Categorical Constructions for Hopf Algebras

We prove that both the embedding of the category of Hopf algebras into that of bialgebras and the forgetful functor from the category of Hopf algebras to the category of algebras have right adjoints;

Quasi-bialgebra Structures and Torsion-free Abelian Groups

We describe all the quasi-bialgebra structures of a group algebra over a torsion-free abelian group. They all come out to be triangular in a unique way. Moreover, up to an isomorphism, these


Let denote the coendomorphism left R-bialgebroid associated to a left finitely generated and projective extension of rings R → A with identities. We show that the category of left comodules over an

Adjunctions and braided objects

In this paper, we investigate the categories of braided objects, algebras and bialgebras in a given monoidal category, some pairs of adjoint functors between them and their relations. In particular,

Free Monoid in Monoidal Abelian Categories

A conceptual explanation of the form of the free operad, free dioperad and free properad in monoidal abelian categories when the monoidal product does not necessarily preserve coproducts is given.