Milnesium tetralamellatum, new species of Milnesiidae from Africa (Eutardigrada)

  title={Milnesium tetralamellatum, new species of Milnesiidae from Africa (Eutardigrada)},
  author={Giovanni Pilato and Maria Grazia Binda},
  journal={Tropical Zoology},
A new species of Milnesiidae is described, Milnesium tetralamellatum, from Tanzania. It differs from Milnesium tardigradum Doyere 1840 essentially by having four peribuccal lamellae instead of six. 

Tardigrades of the Canopy: Milnesium burgessi nov. sp. (Eutardigrada: Apochela: Milnesiidae) a New Species from Kansas, U.S.A.

This unique tardigrade of class Eutardigrada, order Apochela and family Milnesiidae is characterized by its smooth cuticle, six peribuccal lamellae, long primary branch of the claws with accessory points, a claw configuration of [3-3]-[ 3-3] and a buccal tube that is significantly shorter than other species.

A Note on a Greenland Tardigrade: Milnesium eurystomum Maucci, 1991 Eating an Amoeba.

This is the first report and image of a Milnesium eurystomum consuming an amoeba and it is not unusual to find the mastexes of rotifers or the buccal structures of other tardigrades within their stomachs.

Tardigrades of North America: Milnesium alabamae nov. sp. (Eutardigrada: Apochela: Milnesiidae) a New Species from Alabama

A new species of tardigrade described from Alabama, USA characterized by its visibly punctuated cuticle, short, narrow buccal tube, and long primary branch of the claws without accessory points.

Tardigrades of the Tree Canopy: Milnesium swansoni sp. nov. (Eutardigrada: Apochela: Milnesiidae) a new species from Kansas, U.S.A.

A new species of Eutardigrada described from the tree canopy in eastern Kansas, USA adds to the available data for the phylum, and raises questions concerning species distribution.

Macrobiotusnoemiae sp. nov., a new tardigrade species(Macrobiotidae: hufelandi group) from Spain

A reexamination of the tardigrade collection from the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (MNCN) in Madrid was carried out and Macrobiotus noemiae sp.

Two new species of the genus Milnesium Doyère, 1840 (Tardigrada, Apochela, Milnesiidae) from Madagascar

Abstract The knowledge of the diversity and distribution of tardigrades on Madagascar is rather poor. To date, only 13 tardigrade taxa have been reported from this region (including one Milnesium

Two new tardigrade species from Romania (Eutardigrada: Milnesiidae, Macrobiotidae), with some remarks on secondary sex characters in Milnesium dornensis sp. nov.

In two moss and lichen samples collected in Romania, two new eutardigrade species were found, and males and females of the newly described Milnesium species differ not only by the shape and structure of claws I, but also by other morphometric characters.

The genus Milnesium Doyère, 1840 (Tardigrada) in South America with descriptions of two new species from Argentina and discussion of the feeding behaviour in the family Milnesiidae

The study broadens the knowledge of tardigrades' feeding behaviour, provides some details about their diet and suggests that the type of prey chosen by some species belonging to the family Milnesiidae may be associated with the width of their buccal tube.

The First Record of Tardigrada from Zambia, with a Description of Doryphoribius niedbalai n.sp. (Eutardigrada: Isohypsibiidae, the evelinae group)

First ever photomicrographs of Milnesium tetralamellatum and Paramacrobiotus vanescens are provided and this is the first account of the phylum Tardigrada from Zambia.



The Tardigrada from Antarctic with descriptions of several new species

Twenty-five species of Tardigrada from Antarctic mosses and lichens are recorded and eight of them are new for science and some specimens were found in the intestine content of springtail Friesea grisea.

Tardigrada of New Zealand

There were 1354 collections comprising algae, bryophytes, fungi, lichens, and marine, freshwater, litter, and soil samples; no marine tardigrades were found.