Milliyet Çocuk and the Making of Children's Literary Culture in Turkey in the 1970s

  title={Milliyet Çocuk and the Making of Children's Literary Culture in Turkey in the 1970s},
  author={Deniz Arzuk},
  journal={International Research in Children's Literature},
  • Deniz Arzuk
  • Published 18 June 2019
  • Sociology
  • International Research in Children's Literature
This article is based on a systematic content analysis of Milliyet Çocuk, a children's magazine published by a left-leaning publishing house in the politically polarised context of Turkey in the late 1970s. It outlines the socio-political and cultural context, defines Milliyet Çocuk's position in the structure of the publishing field and questions how a non-majority group made space for themselves in a nation's children's literature. The archival material used in this article has been collected… 

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