Millimeter-wave fixed-tuned subharmonic mixers with planar Schottky diodes

  title={Millimeter-wave fixed-tuned subharmonic mixers with planar Schottky diodes},
  author={Yao Changfei and Zhou Ming and Luo Yunsheng and Wang Yigang and Xu Conghai},
Two different frequency bandwidth subharmonic mixers (SHM) using planar Schottky mixing diodes are discussed and fabricated. Full-wave analysis is carried out to find the optimum diode embedding impedances with a lumped port for modeling the nonlinear junction. The SHM circuit is divided into several different parts and each part is optimized using the calculated diode impedances. The divided parts are then combined and optimized together. The exported S-parameter files of the global circuit… CONTINUE READING

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