Millet cereal bar and preparation method thereof

  title={Millet cereal bar and preparation method thereof},
  author={李文钊 and 李伟云 and 张强 and 韩萌 and 杨春晓 and 陈坤 and 孟伟帅},
The invention relates to a millet cereal bar which is composed of the following compositions, by weight, of 50-60 parts of flour, 40-50 parts of rice flour, 10-20 parts of soybean, 10-20 parts of sesame, 20-35 parts of sugar, 10-15 parts of egg liquid, 35-45 parts of edible fat and oil, 1-1.5 parts of composite raising agent, 10-15 parts of preserved fruit and 0.2-1 part of salt. The millet cereal bar uses millet and soybean with abundant nutrition to serve as a cereal bar, is respectively… CONTINUE READING