Millennials and the World of Work: An Organization and Management Perspective

  title={Millennials and the World of Work: An Organization and Management Perspective},
  author={Andrea Hershatter and Molly Epstein},
  journal={Journal of Business and Psychology},
AbstractPurposeThe purpose of this article is to provide a contextual overview that illustrates and illuminates some of the defining characteristics of the Millennial generation. This study offers a framework for understanding the most compelling issues organizations face in their efforts to effectively incorporate the generation currently entering the workforce.Design/Methodology/ApproachThis is a review and commentary that links together current research on Millennials in the workplace into a… 
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The national commission on excellence in education
Bibliographie commentee de 45 rapports et articles engendres par la Commission chargee d'etudier le systeme educatif americain et disponibles par l'intermediaire du reseau ERIC (Educational Resources
A Nation at Risk
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