Milk production by mothers of premature infants.

  title={Milk production by mothers of premature infants.},
  author={Judy M. Hopkinson and Richard J. Schanler and Cutberto Garza},
  volume={81 6},
Milk volume, day of initiation of pumping, duration and frequency of milk expression, and length of night rest interval were evaluated for the first month postpartum in 32 healthy, nonsmoking women (ages 20 to 38 years) who delivered at 28 to 30 weeks' gestation. Early milk volumes were related negatively to the delay between delivery and the initiation of milk expression (r = -.48, P less than .02). Average milk volumes at 2 weeks and 4 weeks postpartum were 493 +/- 330 and 606 +/- 369 mL/d… 

Initiation and Frequency of Pumping and Milk Production in Mothers of Non-Nursing Preterm Infants

While there was no significant difference in milk weight between the EI and LI groups, there was a significant interaction between frequency and initiation and milk weight for the LF group appeared to be positively influenced by the initiation of mechanical expression soon after birth.

Short-term rate of milk synthesis and expression interval of preterm mothers

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  • Medicine
    Archives of Disease in Childhood: Fetal and Neonatal Edition
  • 2019
It is suggested that, on average, the mothers should express at least five times a day to maximise daily milk production, and the maximum interval between expressions should be 7 hours.

Effects of Pumping Style on Milk Production in Mothers of Non-Nursing Preterm Infants

In multivariate analysis, mothers using SIM produced a similar amount of milk by weight during weeks 2 to 5 postpartum compared to those using SEQ.

Incidence and duration of lactation and lactational performance among mothers of low-birth-weight and term infants.

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  • 1989
It is concluded that mothers of low-birth-weight infants have good potential for lactation and the degree of satisfaction with the lactation experience was similar in the two groups.

Timing of milk expression following delivery in mothers delivering preterm very low birth weight infants: a randomized trial

Initiation of expression at 181–360 min following delivery was associated with increased milk production for 6 weeks following delivery and further research is needed to determine the effect of expression frequency on milk production in the first days following birth.

Predictors of Low Milk Volume among Mothers Who Delivered Preterm

Cesarean delivery is associated with lower milk volume on day 4 but may represent a composite of underlying risk factors for low milk volume in the early postpartum period, which is a strong correlate of lack of exclusive breast milk feeding at NICU discharge.

Association of timing of initiation of breastmilk expression on milk volume and timing of lactogenesis stage II among mothers of very low-birth-weight infants.

Initiation of milk expression within 6 hours following delivery may not improve lactation success in mothers of very low-birth-weight infants unless initiated within the first hour.

Frequency and degree of milk removal and the short‐term control of human milk synthesis

The results indicate the importance of degree, rather than frequency, of breast emptying in the short‐term control of human milk synthesis.

Association of Serum Prolactin and Oxytocin With Milk Production in Mothers of Preterm and Term Infants

PRL and frequency of breast stimulation combined positively influenced milk production in PT mothers, and OT levels were higher in PT versus TM mothers, but OT was not related to milk production.

Timing of First Milk Expression to Maximize Breastfeeding Continuation Among Mothers of Very Low-Birth-Weight Infants.

Using a data-driven approach, it was identified that first milk expression within 8 hours was superior to 9-24 hours with respect to maximal duration of provision of mother's milk for hospitalized VLBW infants.