Military elites and the study of war

  title={Military elites and the study of war},
  author={Morris Janowitz},
  journal={Journal of Conflict Resolution},
  pages={18 - 9}
  • M. Janowitz
  • Published 1 March 1957
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • Journal of Conflict Resolution
attempt to encompass forms as diverse as family, community, ethnic, and class conflict (1, 3, 10). Clearly, the understanding of war would be a crucial test of any general theory of social conflict.1 Despite aspirations for generalized explanations of social con? flicts, social scientists cannot overlook the highly distinctive aspects of war as a proc? ess of social change. First, as of the second half of the twentieth century, wars are "unique" forms of social conflicts because they are waged… 

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Louis Leonard Wright's abridgment of this classic work reorganizes some of Wright's material and deletes footnotes and appendixes, but still retains the power and impact of the original. "The most

Sociological Theory and Contemporary Politics

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  • Economics
    American Journal of Sociology
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Much contemporary theory utilizes laboratory and logical reflection for simplifying reality. Since social reality often fails to reveal the regularly recurring uniformities necessary for theory, the

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  • Economics
    American Journal of International Law
  • 1938
The author traces militarism from the time of the breakdown of feudalism in the Middle Ages to the recent days of the Cold War.

World politics and personal insecurity

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